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Car finance tips and guides.


Top 10 Best Used Cars Under £5,000

Buying a car can be extremely expensive. There’s the cost of insurance, MOT, repairs if something goes wrong, not to mention the cost of the car itself. If money is a little tight though, you don’t have to spend a...

why we keep our cars

Why Do We Keep Our Cars?

Car manufacturers exist to constantly sell newer cars, and on average we keep our cars for roughly 4 years before passing it on. This doesn’t stop some people from keeping their cars for its entire lifetime though. So...

Upgrading your vehicle guide

Upgrading Your Vehicle – A How To Guide

Car enthusiasts rejoice! Upgrading your vehicle has never been so simple.  Better performance that achieves speed, acceleration and efficiency can all be accomplished with a few small tweaks to big system changes...

Electric Car

Why You Should Consider An Electric Car

Are you thinking about lighting up your driveway with a new car? Well, now’s the time to have a serious look at what the motor industry can offer you.  The market has never looked so exciting. What with the array...


How To Ensure Your Car Is Roadworthy

COVID-19 has undeniably impacted the UK car industry. With the government extending MOTs by six months that were due between the 30th March to the 31st July 2020, there are a lot of vehicles on the roads that possibly...


Thinking About Finance? 5 Finance Myths Busted

Like all things in life, buying a car can be a wonderful experience tainted by some underlying doubts. Car finance can feel like a battlefield but don’t worry, we are here to debunk some of the myths that those new to...


The Ultimate Guide To Bad Credit Car Finance

Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that your credit rating will be an essential aspect of your financial dealings.  Most people would love to be able to make purchases, borrow money and leverage other...