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Cheapest Areas to Buy a Car

Cheapest Areas to Buy a Car in the UK

“Location, location, location” has been everyone’s guiding mantra to buying property for years, and your car is no different! From Aberdeen to Truro, Birmingham to London, your car’s worth can change significantly...

Lowest Car Insurance Prices By Area

Lowest Car Insurance Prices By Area

Unsurprisingly, where you live can impact how much you pay for your car insurance. Premium prices can alter drastically between postcodes, even if they are only a few miles apart.  Everything from your employment...

Highest Car Insurance Prices

Highest Car Insurance Prices by Area in the UK

Living in the cosmopolitan capital certainly comes with a few drawbacks, and when it comes to the highest car insurance, Londoner’s pay up to 50% more than the rest of the country. With the national average costing...

Lowest Credit Score

UK Areas With The Lowest Credit Scores

Living in today’s modern world, there’s very little that you can’t buy on finance. Whether you need a new set of wheels, a washing machine or a mobile phone, your credit score can make all the difference.  Most...


Safety First: Top 8 Safest Cars in 2021

Arguably, driving on today’s roads has never been safer. Cars are built to stand higher levels of collision protection. Right from the structural design all the way to the inclusion of automatic emergency braking (AEB)...

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Best Hot Hatches Under £1,500

Whether you’re looking for your first car or just a powerful, little runner that you can tune-up to your own specifications, nothing says you can’t do it on a budget. So we took the challenge. We limited ourselves to...


The Best SUV’s under £10,000

If you’ve got a large family along with pets, it can be very difficult fitting them all in one car. Whether it’s to get them to school, their various clubs, or on holidays, sometimes what you really need is a bigger car...

mini cooper s

Top 10 Hot Hatches Under £5,000

Why should you have to spend £30,000 to get a good Hot Hatch? At Carvine, we set ourselves a £5,000 budget to see what could reasonably be purchased for our money. Here is what we found, the Top 10 hot hatches you can...