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What does 'Soft Credit Search' mean when you apply for finance?

When considering a finance application, a lender will usually have to carry out a credit history check. If a full credit check is done when a customer applies for car finance or any car loans, this search is recorded on their credit file. However, a soft credit search car finance application means others cannot see the search. So your credit score is not affected. A hard credit search lets other lenders know that the applicant is searching for finance. If quite a few searches are recorded on a credit file other lenders might be less inclined to offer credit as it’s sometimes viewed as more of a risk. Soft searches are relatively new and offer the safest way to apply for car finance.

What Is A 'Hard Search'

Hard searches can have an effect on your credit score and on future applications you make. That’s because they’re visible to other lenders. When you apply for credit, the lender will do a hard search of your credit report to help decide if they should lend to you.

It’s important to note that the outcome of your application isn’t recorded on your credit report. It’ll just show that a lender searched your report, not whether your application was approved or refused.

For some lenders, several searches in a short period is a sign that you might be struggling with your finances so this could end up negatively affecting your application. It’s likely that a hard search will also affect YOUR CREDIT SCORE. That’s because our score is designed to give you an idea of how a lender will view your credit report.

What Is A 'Soft Search'

On the other hand, a soft search isn’t recorded on your credit report for others to see so it has no effect on your score or future applications.

When you use comparison sites like Skyemotion through Carvine, your credit report is checked as a soft search. It’s only if you then accept the application for credit that the lender will do a hard search when your application is finalised. Obtaining car credit isn’t as difficult as you think and we can get a great car finance deal without negatively impacting your credit rating. Getting a credit check now doesn’t affect your score.

People often think that checking their own credit score will lower it. But that’s just not the case. You can check your own Experian Credit Score whenever you like, without impacting it.

5 Star Rated Service

We work hard on our reputation. We only use Soft Searches and believe as a company, this ensures we treat the customer fairly so as not to impact their credit rating.


Surprisingly, most companies do not provide an initial soft search credit check during the comparison stage, putting your chances of getting a successful finance application at risk. At Carvine, we don’t think you should be penalised for looking around for the best deal. We believe a soft credit check is best for our customers as there’s no affect on your credit profile. Lenders won’t see multiple applications over a short period, so you can take your time and find the best car finance deals based on your credit report. If you borrow money and pay it back, it makes your credit rating better.


Borrowing £7,500 over 4 years with a representative APR of 27.9%, an annual interest rate of 27.9% (Fixed) and no deposit, the amount repayable would be £244.77 per month, and total cost of credit would be £4,248.96 and the total amount payable would be £11,748.97*

*Your rate may differ from the above illustration due to your individual circumstances. All credit subject to status.

We are a broker not a lender.

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