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Are you looking for car finance? At Carvine, we successfully source car financing deals for you, making it possible to get behind the wheel and out onto the road as quickly as possible. A car purchase is a personal milestone achievement, and we understand the natural emotions of excitement and the necessity to get the process right.

car finance

Use our car finance calculator

Total cost of credit
Total repayment
payments of
Representative APR of 24.9%

Our car finance calculator helps you see how much your repayments will be on a monthly basis. Select how much you are looking to borrow and for how long.

How much would a car loan cost?

Best available rate9.9%
Total repayment£9,492
Total cost of credit£1,492
48 monthly payments of£197
Good credit example

Our goal is to negotiate the best car finance terms possible for you from our network of lenders, and we are great at it.

We can assist in finding the perfect car for you based on the personal criteria you set with us, and you have the freedom to shop from any reputable car dealer.

What is car finance?

Car finance offers an opportunity for people who may not have the funds available without a loan to buy a vehicle. A car is one of the biggest assets you will purchase in your lifetime. And a personal car loan affords you the money and time to pay off your car without waiting.

A personal car loan is a tri-party financial agreement between you, the lender and the car dealership.

The lender agrees to pay the dealership on your behalf for the vehicle you purchase.

You, in turn, agree to a repayment plan directly between you and the lender with certain terms and conditions, as set down in your signed contract.

What is the car finance process?

Our car finance application process is literally a 3-step process: 

Step 1 — Apply for a car loan

Step 2 — Get Approved

Step 3 — Buy Your Car

Behind the scenes, we will conduct a credit search which will not affect your credit score. No one will be able to see our search entry on your credit record but you.

Once you are approved, you can go shopping to buy your car. The hard part is choosing the one from of all your options.

How can Carvine help?

As a car finance broker, It is our goal that you get loan approval. Therefore, we have an extensive network of lenders and reputable car dealers to calculate the best result for our customers. As such, we don’t charge admin fees, as we aim to keep your costs as affordable as possible.

We will assist you through every step of the loan process. You are free to shop for a car on your own, but if you would like help in locating your vehicle, we have a team available for that very purpose and are happy to be of service.

If I don’t have good credit or any credit, will that disqualify me for a car loan?

People are not born with a credit rating. Credit scores have to be built up over time and maintained. We all have to start somewhere, including you. Sometimes you have to start over too. That is why we specialise in offering loans to those who need help.

Car costs must be practical not astronomical, as transportation and being mobile is one of life’s great everyday necessities. A resulting reality of the modern world, the ability to finance your own car is also a necessity. Even if you don’t have a great credit score, we can still help. See our page on bad credit car finance for more details.

Will a car finance application damage my credit score?

We conduct a soft credit search. A soft credit search reveals a person’s address for verification and shows the current income level so that it can be determined whether or not you will be able to afford the loan amount requested. We are not as concerned with your past credit history. 

More importantly for you, a soft search won’t leave a negative footprint on your credit score. If you can afford the proposed repayments, you will be approved. If the soft search determines you cannot afford the monthly payment, you may need to adjust the loan amount for reconsideration.

A few things you need to think about before you apply for a car loan are:

  • Budget
  • Needs
  • Wants

How long do you have to wait to get your car?

We are fast and convenient. We understand the convenience of getting on the road faster is essential to you.

Not having to wait until you’ve saved all the money is a big part of the whole point of taking out a loan in the first place. You can get approved for a car loan from the time you apply in just minutes.

Thereafter, payment of the car loan can happen quickly, so you can get to the exciting part—choosing your car.

Can I buy a better model of car with finance that I wouldn’t be able to afford without a car loan?

As long as you can afford the car repayments, you can get what you like. It might be best to consider your big-picture needs before your wants. Maybe you’ll have to compromise on some of the smaller details for a while, but affordability is the only concern.

Where can I shop for a car? Do I have to choose from only a few approved dealerships?

You can shop anywhere really as long as the dealership has a credible reputation. Carvine can provide you with contacts for quality dealerships that will offer excellent service and aftercare.

Can you help me find a car for me?

We are happy to help you source a car if you are having difficulty finding the right one. There are a lot of choices because you are free to go to practically any established dealership in the car market. Sometimes having our team advise you can be a confidence boost too.

Do you have more questions?

Car finance frequently asked questions and answers. We have answered some of the top frequently asked questions above, but here are some more FAQs that might be helpful.

Any other questions you still have, please give us a call and ask us for any answers you need. Our purpose is to provide you with great customer care.

Worried you won’t be accepted for car finance?

Take a breath. If you have any lingering anxiety about being turned down, just know that we have other car finance options available.

If you can afford your car loan repayments that is what ultimately matters, not your credit history – good, bad or non-existent. 

Carvine has an excellent success rate for getting car finance to you. Once your finances are verified, you are approved and good to go.

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