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Guaranteed Car Finance

Guaranteed car finance was born out of the idea that your car finance enquiry will be approved regardless of your credit history. The truth, however, is slightly different. No matter who you are borrowing car finance from, lender, dealer or supermarket, you will have to undergo a credit check before anything is “guaranteed.”

Car finance can only ever be guaranteed if your credit history ticks several factors first. While there are no guarantees, neither car dealers nor brokers can control who receives approval for car finance.

Here at Carvine, our team considers the bigger picture and will take into account your entire situation, not just your credit score. As a result, you get the best deal that suits your circumstances and won’t break the bank. 

We help customers with poor credit ratings achieve the best car finance deal, even if other lenders have rejected them in the past. We will find you personalised deals based on your particular circumstances, so when our lenders look at your details, they will better understand your situation all around. 

Total cost of credit
Total repayment
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Representative APR of 24.9%

Apply for finance today using our simple application form online. We will support you through every step along the way. 

Responsible lending

Your financial wellbeing matters to us, so we will never lend you more than you can afford to pay back. As such, car finance can never be guaranteed, as it would be unethical to expect you to pay something back that you would struggle to repay. 

Unlike other online brokers that may charge you a ‘guaranteed’ car finance application fee. At Carvine, we don’t charge for such an enquiry. Instead, you will receive online support from our expert team to ensure you understand the ins and outs of what finance is available to you. 

So don’t believe the money-back, guaranteed finance hype! The finer print makes it clear that these types of loans are tightly bound in legal terms and conditions and ensure a refund is almost impossible to obtain as a result. What’s more, nothing is ever guaranteed with finance. 

Legislation that protects you

Despite what some lenders may tell you, using the word “guaranteed” in any advertisement breaks the law. Under the Consumer Credit Act of 2010, false or misleading statements regarding consumer credit is a crime. 

Without any data about the borrower’s creditworthiness, any finance deal cannot be approved. So if you see an advertisement containing the phrase “credit guaranteed,” it is likely that the lender will be subject to a full FCA-led investigation with its own set of penalties enforced. 

What we can guarantee

Here at Carvine, we believe in honesty and transparency. While no car finance deal is ever guaranteed, our team will always work alongside you to find you the best finance that works with you and your situation. 

  • No False Promises: We will never hide or conceal information from you
  • Tailored finance: Your car finance is as individual as you are
  • Full support: Our in-house expert team will support you throughout the entire car-buying process 

We love to say yes

Have you recently been rejected for car finance? Or perhaps have little or no credit history to speak of? 

Here at Carvine, we work alongside a reputable network of lenders who specialise in all aspects of car finance across the board. Regardless of your circumstances, we aim to accommodate all of our customers through Carvine car finance. 

Whether you’re self-employed, have faced bankruptcy, have a County Court Judgement (CCJ) or default on your record, we aim to get you the best car finance deal that accommodates your circumstances. 

While 100% guaranteed car finance is never assured, you can apply with confidence. A bad credit car finance application will not affect your score, and we will use a ‘soft credit search’ to match you to your details. 

Use our finance calculator to determine how much you will be paying back each month for your car loan. Once you’ve applied for car finance with us, one of our team will be in touch to discuss your individual requirements. 

Why choose Carvine? 

First off, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so you’ll only ever get the fairest deal with us. But we also work with an extensive panel of leading UK lenders to ensure your application gets considered regardless of your financial circumstances. 

While we compare the best deals for you, your credit score will not be affected even with a bad credit history. 

Once we’ve found a credit deal that works for you, we can adjust your monthly payments to suit every budget so that you can drive away in your dream motor without further complicating your finances. 

Through every step, we will support you from the moment you apply to when you buy your car.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you offer guaranteed car finance?

No one can offer you guaranteed car finance. It’s a complete myth that has been misleading consumers for years. 

However, we will work alongside you to ensure you get the most suitable lender that is more likely to approve your application. 

Can I get car finance with a poor or low credit score? 

Yes. We specialise in assisting customers in getting car finance despite their history of adverse or limited credit. 

What is bad credit finance

Typically, a bad credit score results from failing to pay a credit agreement on time. This could be failing to repay a mortgage, loan or credit arrangement as detailed in your loan agreements. In turn, this will likely damage your credit score.

Securing funds for future purchases such as cars, motorcycles or vans with a bad credit score will become increasingly difficult the longer your credit report remains damaged. 

Can I fix my bad credit score? 

Credit scores aren’t static. They change as soon as the information in your credit report changes. That means you are more in control of your credit report than you might first realise. 

Make sure you check your free credit score so you can look at the main factors that are affecting it. Then, make sure you pay all of your bills on time as this will quickly turn your credit score around and help you to rebuild your score, one payment at a time. 

From avoiding too many finance applications to boosting your credit and keeping your credit utilisation down below 30%, you will quickly notice the changes in your credit score. 

Will applying for car finance damage my credit score? 

No. You can apply with confidence with us. We only use soft credit searches that will not affect your credit score. 

I’ve recently been rejected for car finance. Can I get accepted by you? 

While there are never any guarantees for anyone applying for car finance, we specialise in helping consumers with a bad credit history be more likely to accept a loan. This even applies to those with one or more defaults, who have experienced bankruptcy, have a CCJ or are self-employed. 

Want to know more? Check out our bad credit car finance guide. 

Can I get car finance without a credit check? 

No. Regardless of what any lender or broker is promising you about ‘guarantees,’ no one will ever be accepted for a car finance deal without a credit check first. Every lender, broker or dealer has to provide an ethical service as governed by the FCA to ensure each consumer is not forced into a deal that they cannot afford. 

Anyone who wants to check out their eligibility for car finance with us will have a ‘soft check’ placed on their credit, and won’t hurt their credit rating in the process. Further down the line, we will perform a hard credit check if you’re likely to be approved. We won’t perform any checks, though, without giving you all the details before. 

Do I need a guarantor to apply for finance? 

Having a reliable guarantor to hand, such as a family member or close friend with an excellent credit rating of their own, will significantly improve your chances of being accepted for car finance. It also gives you the peace of mind that if your circumstances change and you can’t make the repayments, your guarantor will be able to on your behalf. 

Is there a law against guaranteed car finance?

Yes, absolutely! Anyone operating as a lender, broker or dealer has to follow strict guidelines from the FCA. If those rules are broken, then they are performing a criminal offence. 

Under the 2010 Consumer Credit Act, anyone making a false or misleading claim concerning consumer credit is breaking the law. Any mention of the phrase ‘loan guaranteed’ or wording to that effect cannot be present within advertisements—the exception: no conditions concerning the borrower’s creditworthiness. 

Any dealer, broker or lender that promotes or offers ‘guaranteed’ car finance is likely in breach of the act. Anyone found to be in violation of the law could face a full FCA investigation and enforcement action as a result, especially in light of the FCA’s focus on Treating Customers Fairly (TCF).

The best advice? Avoid any company that sounds too good to be true, especially if their selling point is ‘guaranteed’ car finance!

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