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Early Car Finance Settlement Explained

Many people take out car finance to pay for new vehicles because paying all at once is often not viable. But what happens if you want to settle your car finance early? There are several things to be aware of, so here’s...


Can You Get Car Finance with CCJ?

If you have a County Court Judgment (CCJ), your credit score will normally be affected. But does it mean you cannot get car finance? Not necessarily. There are a number of ways you may be able to get finance for your...

Refused Car Finance Everywhere

Refused Car Finance Everywhere?

Tried but been refused car finance EVERYWHERE? Life doesn’t come with a manual, nor does it come with a guaranteed car loan. Getting rejected multiple times for a car loan can feel like hitting one too many...

How To Buy a Car in the UK

How To Buy a Car in the UK

The United Kingdom has a robust and thriving automotive market, making it one of Europe’s largest for new cars. With 32.7 million cars on UK roads and an average of 1.2 cars per household, cars are an integral...