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You lost your car key – now what?

There’s no doubt that losing your car keys, or the keyless remote fob, can be a frustrating and stressful experience – especially if there isn’t a spare nearby. This can also be a surprisingly...


Should you buy a manual or automatic car?

Manual or automatic? When it comes to cars, this is a question that has long divided drivers. In the UK, both types of cars are readily available, but it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you. Both have...

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The most expensive cars destroyed in movies

As we all know – Hollywood loves to destroy expensive cars in movies. Along with cities and buildings, cars are often the victims of the hero’s fighting evil. This destruction can be costly, but it is worth it for...

bond cars

The 17 Best Bond Cars Ranked

He’s not only famed for his gadgets and thrilling adventures, but James Bond also loves his cars. Some of them are packed with the latest technology but sadly don’t last very long before being destroyed...


Most valuable number plates in the UK

For many drivers, having a personalised number plate is something that can really make their car stand out. The plates are unique, but they can be quite expensive though there are lots of people – as you can see on most...


UK Tolls – Everything You Need to Know

We all love to hit the road and enjoy the sights and countryside, but what about travelling on roads with UK tolls? These tolls are charges that are levied for using some roads, bridges and tunnels, with the money...


Incredible Driving Rules from Around the World

We’re all used to following certain rules when we get behind the wheel of our cars but in other parts of the world, the driving laws are very different – and some of them can seem quite strange to us. For example, in...


Useless car features you shouldn’t pay for

Cars are becoming more and more complex, with an ever-growing number of features that drivers will never use. These features can often end up being quite expensive and can be a waste of money for drivers. Carvine is...

car warranty

Everything You Need To Know About Car Warranty

While the latest models of cars are more reliable and less likely to break down than ever before, it doesn’t mean they won’t ever go wrong! That’s why purchasing a motor with a decent warranty gives you added...