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Refused Car Finance Everywhere

Refused Car Finance Everywhere?

Tried but been refused car finance EVERYWHERE? Life doesn’t come with a manual, nor does it come with a guaranteed car loan. Getting rejected multiple times for a car loan can feel like hitting one too many...

How To Buy a Car in the UK

How To Buy a Car in the UK

The United Kingdom has a robust and thriving automotive market, making it one of Europe’s largest for new cars. With 32.7 million cars on UK roads and an average of 1.2 cars per household, cars are an integral...

car finance approved then declined

Car Finance Approved Then Declined

Had your car finance approved, then declined? To increase your chances of successfully securing car finance, it’s essential to be aware of several factors that can influence your eligibility. While your credit...

is 550 a good credit score to buy a car

Is 500 a Good Credit Score to Buy a Car

Can You Buy a Car with a 550 Credit Score in the UK? A 550 credit score might sound like a roadblock if you’re in the market for a car in the UK, but don’t let it deter you. You’re far from alone; many...

Car Leasing For Start Up Business

Car Leasing For New Businesses

Need car leasing for a new business? Do you know that 95% of start-ups don’t get the financing they need to purchase a vehicle? Don’t let your business become part of this statistic! You can take advantage...


You lost your car key – now what?

There’s no doubt that losing your car keys, or the keyless remote fob, can be a frustrating and stressful experience – especially if there isn’t a spare nearby. This can also be a surprisingly...


Should you buy a manual or automatic car?

Manual or automatic? When it comes to cars, this is a question that has long divided drivers. In the UK, both types of cars are readily available, but it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you. Both have...


Most Popular Car-Inspired Baby Names

Congratulations! You have a new baby on the way. Before your bundle of joy arrives, you need to think about their name. As a car enthusiast, inspiration is likely to strike from one of your passions: motors!  While...


Highway Code Changes You Need to Know About

New Year often brings with it a whole heap of changes, and unsurprisingly 2022 is no different. With eight new rules being introduced to the Highway Code and 49 updates to existing regulations coming into effect from...