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Can You Get Car Finance with CCJ?


If you have a County Court Judgment (CCJ), your credit score will normally be affected.

But does it mean you cannot get car finance? Not necessarily.

There are a number of ways you may be able to get finance for your new motor, and here is what you need to know.


What Is a CCJ?

A CCJ is a court order that you may receive when you do not repay money that you owe. A CCJ can be unresolved or resolved, but in either case, it can affect your credit score.


Does a CCJ Impact Your Credit Record?

A CCJ can often have an impact on your credit record because it shows that you have failed to pay back money that you owe.

If you have a CCJ and you do not pay it off within 30 days, it goes on your credit record and will stay there for six years.

How long does a CCJ stay on your record? CCJs show on your credit report for six years. They are also shown on the Register of Judgements. After six years the CCJ is removed from the public register (even if you have not paid).

Once a CCJ is on your record, it can affect your ability to take out loans, credit cards and more.

It can also affect whether a lender is prepared to finance your car.

There is some good news. If you pay off the CCJ after the first month, you can not have it removed from the register early. However, you can ask the court for a ‘certificate of satisfaction.’ The register will be updated, showing the CCJ as ‘satisfied’ or paid off. This may help with how your situation is viewed by car finance lenders.


Can you get finance with CCJ?

While it is more difficult to get car finance with a CCJ, it is not impossible. It simply means that you have fewer options.

Whenever you get a CCJ or you have other problems with your finances, this can affect your ability to get credit.

As a result, some lenders will not be prepared to lend to you because they will see you as too much of a risk.

But that does not mean you cannot get finance.

How to get finance with a CCJ – Seek a Specialist

If you’re looking to get finance your best option is to seek a specialist in bad credit car finance rather than a company that provides lots of types of loans for different purposes.

You should also look for a lender that specialises in lending to people with bad credit.

Many lenders understand that just because you have bad credit, you can still be a good customer.

It may be the case that you received a CCJ many years ago and your situation has now improved.

You May Need to Provide More Details

One thing to be aware of is that lenders may ask for more details about your situation because they want to ensure that you do not present too much of a risk.

They may be willing to lend to you as long as they see extra information, and this can include proof of income.

Every lender is different in their requirements.

How to Help Yourself

You can also help yourself by trying to pay off your debts.

If you can show lenders that you are paying them off, this can help to show that you are committed.

Also, if you are not on the electoral roll, make sure you register because this can also help you to get approved.

Consider Getting a Guarantor

If you find that you are unable to get car finance with a CCJ, you may want to look at other options like getting a guarantor.

With a guarantor, you can apply together and because they have a good credit record, this can increase your chances of being accepted.

Start Your Search for Car Finance

As you can see, it is not impossible to get car finance with a CCJ, as long as you approach the right lenders.

At the same time, help yourself by showing that you are responsible and sensible, and you should be able to get the credit you need to buy your car.

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