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Top 10 Driving Habits All Good Drivers Should Have


It’s easy to fall into bad driving habits on the road, and there are many of them! But what are the good driving habits you should focus on? Here are 10 of the best driving habits we should all make an effort to follow.

1. Keeping a Good Distance Between Other Vehicles

Tailgating is not only annoying for other drivers, but it’s also dangerous. Try to keep a good space between you and the vehicle in front. It’s less aggressive, and if the vehicle in front has to stop suddenly, there’s less chance you’ll crash into their rear.

2. Driving Within the Speed Limit

Always stick to the speed limits. They are there for a reason! Speeding is dangerous to other road users and pedestrians, and there is no excuse for it. You can get fines, points on your licence or even cause an accident.

That doesn’t mean you always have to drive at the maximum speed limit allowed. If the driving conditions are bad or visibility is affected you may want to reduce your speed.

3. Staying Alert

Always stay alert when behind the wheel to reduce the chance of an accident. Part of this involves taking plenty of breaks on long journeys to avoid getting tired while driving.

4. Braking Smoothly

By braking slowly and smoothly, you will ensure a safer road for everyone. There will be less chance of vehicles colliding with you, and it will be more comfortable for passengers. You will also reduce fuel consumption.

5. Anticipating the Situation Ahead

Always look well ahead to judge the situation of the road before you arrive. Don’t just look at the vehicle in front, and this will help you to react faster.

6. Avoiding Distractions

Distractions can be dangerous when you are driving. The biggest distraction of all is the mobile phone, so don’t use it to talk or text while you are driving. Turn it off or put in in silent mode.

7. Always Indicating

Indicating is a way to show other road users what you are doing. It helps to make the road safer for everyone, and you won’t annoy other road users. Always be as clear as possible in your intentions when driving so that other drivers know what you are doing.

8. Checking Your Blind Spots

Most vehicles have blind spots, so make sure you know where they are, and always check them when turning or manoeuvring. Failing to check them can be dangerous.

9. Using Your Lights Properly

Always use your headlights at nighttime or when the visibility is poor. Other road users need to be able to see you. Turn on your fog lights in heavy fog too, and turn off the main beam when cars are coming towards you to avoid blinding other drivers unnecessarily.

10. Never Drinking and Driving

Finally, the best drivers are sober drivers. Always avoid drinking when you plan to drive, and don’t even have one. Alcohol affects your judgement and makes driving dangerous for you and everyone else.

Be a Better Driver

These are some of the best habits to follow when driving. Focus on following these habits, and you’ll make the road a safer place for you and everyone else. Finally, don’t forget to look after your car by checking the tyre pressure, oil levels and water levels, and always wear your seatbelt.

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