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5 Most Reliable Vans You Can Buy In 2021

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Vans have never been more in demand. With the surge of people working from home, businesses up and down the country have had to step up. You are more likely to see a delivery driver at your door today than ever before. 

Getting your hands on the most reliable van that is practical, economical, and that can carry a big enough payload is all part of the game. 

Now that 2021 is in full swing, we thought it was about time we showcased some of the most reliable vans on the market. 

Volkswagen Crafter and MAN TGE


Arguably the most complete van on the market, Volkswagen held nothing back with the Crafter and MAN TGE. Straight off the bat, the Crafter immediately won the International Van of the Year title back in 2017. It has rarely left the top spot ever since. 

Built with a refined 2.0-litre engine and available with either front, rear or four-wheel drive, the Crafter is a dream to drive. It is also incredibly practical, with plenty of storage and space for extra passengers. With its ergonomic design, you can drive in comfort – perfect for long-distance journeys!

Throw in the Crafter’s incredible safety equipment and the fact that it is one of the biggest load carriers in its sector; it’s well worth a look!

Citroen Berlingo


To date, the Berlingo is one of the biggest-selling small van models in Europe ever. With its upgraded high-tech innovations and impressive payload of 1,000kg, you can load a substantial amount of goods into one of the smaller vans on the market. 

The 2021 model has already soared on the awards front and scooped up the pivotal ‘MPV of the Year’ prize from the Company Car Today Awards. Bursting with lots of advanced safety and security tech. It is also sporting an impressive engine across the models, you get a lot for your money. 

If you are after a practical, high tech and an efficient small van, then the Citroen Berlingo should definitely be on your radar. 

Renault Trafic


A strong contender for the top spot, the stylish Renault Trafic boasts an impressive 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine with an optional six-gear automatic gearbox. That makes your driving experience take on a whole other level. 

Throw in impressive comfort, the joint-longest loading length in the mid-size van sector and good real-world fuel economy, and you may as well stop your search! 

The only drawbacks come with the lack of the latest safety aids. A lag in the 1.6 entry-level engines and slightly impractical cab storage. Don’t let that put you off, though. The Trafic is a clever, comfortable medium van choice that will transform your van driving experience above most of the rest. 

Volkswagen Caddy


Hands down, the Volkswagen Caddy has the classic sense of modernity mixed with the impressive build quality you can expect from VW’s innovative minds. Throw in its powerful engine, stellar safety systems and substantially improved fuel economy; the Caddy is perfect for the discerning smaller van buyer. 

In its fourth generation, the Caddy holds its value well and is competitively priced across the board. For a small van, the Caddy looks good, drives well and doesn’t cost the earth to run. What’s more, its reliability is second to none. 

2021 sees the launch of the highly anticipated Caddy Cargo, which is part of the fifth generation wave of models coming to the UK. Quieter to drive than its predecessors and still packing a punch on the driving experience front, the Caddy is well worth the wait. 

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Hassle-free and an outstanding all-round choice, there’s a reason why the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter rarely leaves the top spot. A champion and high-tech masterpiece. The Sprinter is available as a nine-speed with 4×4 options, and the 2021 offering has raised the bar for in-van technology. 

Defining the entire large van sector, the Sprinter comes with a standard MBUX infotainment system and safety features. That can let you drive with ease in more challenging conditions. The upgraded model now comes with front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. 

What’s more, there’s an electric version that ticks all the upcoming emissions overhaul set for 2030. If that’s not enough, the Sprinter is available in 1,700 versions that all feature superb cab design, increased practicality and enhanced durability. In short, the Sprinter is a state of the art van that is worth its weight in gold!

Ready to increase your van fleet or make a first time purchase? Your next reliable van is waiting. Which one will you choose? 

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