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Top 15 Most Reliable Cars

nissan leaf

Your car may be loaded with cutting edge tech and be packed with performance-enhancing features. It may even have an out of this world design, but without reliability, what’s the point? 

If you’re at the point where your garage bill is hitting the roof and your time at the side of the road is beyond a joke, it may be high time you consider investing in a more reliable vehicle. 

Reliability has never sounded less boring! 

So, to make life easier for you, we have rounded up the 15 most reliable cars in 2021 for you to feast your eyes over:

Volvo XC40 SUV

Topping the reliability scores, the Volvo XC40 SUV reigns supreme. A high performer in safety, extraordinary tech and of course, reliability, the XC40 SUV is in a league of its own. With few faults other than minor electrical issues being reported, the XC40 SUV is hands down one of the most worthwhile purchases you will make today. 

Toyota Yaris

Taking point with some of the leading reliable cars on the market, the Toyota Yaris is a contender in the reliability leagues. According to the Auto Express “Driver Power 2021” review, the Yaris comes in at a healthy 96% reliability rating amongst drivers. With only 5.7% of drivers reporting a problem within the first 12 months.

Performance and running costs also put the Yaris high on the affordability stakes. 

Nissan Leaf

Nissan has made its name off of its waves of reliable vehicles to come out of the car market. A leader in electric technology, the Nissan Leaf has been ticking all the boxes since its debut in 2010. Over a decade, drivers have experienced few essential repairs, and are rarely stranded at the side of the road. 

Here comes the rub – if you do have to foot a garage bill for the Leaf, costs tend to be at the higher end of the budget. But, with its generous warranty package, you can instantly cut costs with a monthly scheme. Check out some of our finance options here

Toyota CH-R

A leader in reliable SUVs, the Toyota CH-R comes out on top. Minor electric faults tend to be the biggest problem owners face. Still, these are so low on our radar, the CH-R is worth its weight in gold if you are after a user-friendly family car. 

Exceptional build quality, handling and performance all tip the scales for the CH-R’s appeal. 

Volkswagen UP!

As a brand, Volkswagen is renowned for its outstanding reliability. That’s where the VW UP! comes in. Relatively, the UP! rarely encounters the need for repairs, and when it does, they mostly relate to the drive shaft, brakes and clutch. 

Toyota Corolla

Our second Toyota to make the list, the Corolla is one of the most reliable family hatchbacks available. Of all the Corolla owners around, only 7.7% have encountered minor problems. With its build quality and handling, the Corolla is worth a look. 

Toyota Prius

Making the headlines, the Toyota Prius is a landmark of the motor industry. One of the first high-tech hybrids to hit the roads all the way back in 1997, the Prius has seen an incredible evolution since its debut. 

A reigning champion on the reliability front, the Prius rarely reports any repair problems. With its eco-concerned design and build quality, the Prius is a must-have vehicle. 

Mitsubishi ASX

No reliable cars list is complete without the Mitsubishi ASX taking the spotlight. Sporting 4WD and an innovative design, the ASX is an SUV that means business on the road. Reliability is at the heart of the ASX. With few faults on record, the ASX undeniably is worth the investment. 

Lexus RX

If luxury and reliability are what you are after, the Lexus RX comes out on top. With high driver satisfaction, the RX has made reliability look trendy in the family-friendly sphere of the industry. Less than 10% of owners have reported faults, and when they have, they are mainly caused by the electrics. 

Lexus CT

Taking the Toyota Prius head-on, the Lexus CT technological advances put it firmly on the reliability list. Suffering an average amount of faults (less than 14% of reported faults), the CT’s impressive build quality and performance make it worth the spend!

Dacia Sandero

Low on the repairs radar, the Dacia Sandero rarely reports any issues worth mentioning. Other than the odd electrical fault, the Sandero is one of the most reliable cars on the market. 

Small, compact and offering outstanding performance and handling, the Sandero ticks all the boxes. 

Honda Jazz

When affordability, driveability and reliability come together, you know you’re in for a winner. The Honda Jazz is that vehicle. With few repairs being reported across the board, you’re only likely to come face to face with minor issues relating to the brakes, suspension and clutch. 

Repairs on the Honda Jazz aren’t going to break the bank! Although rare, the Jazz averages low repair costs, making it one of the most affordable reliable cars out there. 

Ford EcoSport

Packed with technology and systems to keep you and your passengers safe on the road, the Ford EcoSport is a leading small SUV. 

In the reliability stakes, EcoSport owners rarely report any faults or issues. When they do, it mostly comes down to the thermostat housing. With the faults listed so minor, the EcoSport certainly packs a punch in the reliability scoring boards!

Mazda 2

If we were to say that the Mazda 2 never faces any issues, we’d be telling you an outright lie. But with only the suspension, fuel system and started motor triggering repairs, the Mazda’s problems are few and far between. 

Suzuki Alto

Toppling our highest frequency repairs list comes the Suzuki Alto. Issues relating to the CV joint, clutch and gearbox are the most heavily reported amongst Alto owners. Although flagging some issues, like the Mazda 2, any repairs are not going to break the bank!

Reliability no longer sounds like such a boring word when you think about your budget. With the motor industry putting out some of the most exciting vehicles ever, reliability is undeniably a factor worth investing in! What car will be your next purchase? 

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