Car Loan Eligibility Checker
20 Apr 2018

What is a car loan eligibility checker?

If you are not sure if you’re eligible for vehicle finance you can apply for a decision in principle with our car loan eligibility checker

What does a decision in principle mean?

  • Gives you a good indication if you’re likely to be accepted for car finance.
  • Your credit file will not be affected by our soft credit check

Soft Search

Why get a decision in principle?

This car loan eligibility checker gives you an idea if your application will be successful. Whilst it is a good indicator it is not a full offer of finance but lets you know if it will likely be accepted.

We may still require the below:

  • A full application for finance being submitted
  • An assessment of your capacity to afford any finance offered
  • Identity checks
  • Vehicle meeting criteria

A  credit reference agency “soft” search will be conducted. However, this soft credit search does not affect your credit score.