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2 Mar 2018

Used Audi's on finance

Audi Finance deals

If you’re looking for a premium Brand, you can’t go wrong with an Audi. With its iconic badge of interlocking rings, Audi is known for quality, engineering excellence and sleek design.

Size of Audi?

Take your pick, though our choice would probably be the Audi Q5 2.0 TDI Quattro if you have a young family. The higher chassis means that installing the kids in their car seats won’t give you a bad back, plus with a 540 litre boot (which comes with remote operation), you’ll be able to store everything you need for them with ease. It also has a fantastic panoramic sunroof, the smooth drive will ensure a fantastic journey with every use.

Second hand Audi A1 finance

If you’re looking to finance a city Audi, then it’s got to be the Audi A1 – we like the Sport line. This great looking hatchback is fun to drive, has an inbuilt Sat Nav and can reach 0-60mph in a time of 8.2 seconds. The Diesel model gets between about 69 – 75 miles per gallon (mpg), petrol about 52mpg. The A1 is a nippy car that you’ll love a local spin round town in.

What about an eco-friendly financed Audi option?

It’s got to be the Audi A3, which for some years now has been praised as a ‘green’ vehicle that doesn’t compromise on quality. Low range torque means it still performs but has reduced CO2 emissions. It comes with low resistance tyres which are designed to better manage fuel consumption, and some models that further manage your wallet by free road tax.

Will my Audi come with lots of gadgets?

Short answer, yes. The higher-spec models are fitted with in-built, full colour, 3D display Sat Nav and a virtual driver display system which projects important messages onto the windscreen! That’s in addition to the Bluetooth interface, voice control, rain sensor, deluxe multizonal air conditioning, colour driver’s information system with high-res screen, Matrix LED headlights, memory card reader and DAB radio with Bose surround sound. You’ll never leave the car.

Finance Calculator?

Hopefully, that’s given you a flavour of what the Audi range can offer. Why not browse our range of used Audi’s to see what’s available and use our handy finance calculator to work out your repayments.

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