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Upgrading Your Vehicle – A How To Guide

Upgrading your vehicle guide

Car enthusiasts rejoice! Upgrading your vehicle has never been so simple. 

Better performance that achieves speed, acceleration and efficiency can all be accomplished with a few small tweaks to big system changes. 

Whatever you have in mind, finding the right tyres or modifying your exhaust is possible. With a bit of mechanical knowledge behind you and a can-do attitude, your car will be cruising the roads in no time.

Here’s our how-to guide for upgrading your vehicle:

Refresh your tyres

Want your vehicle to handle better on the road? Well, invest in some quality rubber to give you all the grip you need to give your car all the tread it needs. 

Remember, your vehicle is on the road in all weather conditions. Performance can often be compromised by investing in all-weather tyres – they can also limit terrain capabilities and speed. 

Want the best of both worlds? 

Investing in a summer and winter set of tyres will give you all year round power to the ground and traction. 

Find the right spark

Misfiring spark plugs aren’t ideal. Not only can they impact your speed, but they also play havoc with your vehicle’s reliability. 

Upgrading your spark plugs will enhance your driving experience.

Investing in high-performance spark plugs will increase your car’s performance, and you will suffer fewer misfires. Emissions are reduced, and your fuel efficiency is increased. 

Better quality brakes

Coming to an effective stop is a defining feature of how well your car performs. 

Ditching your current braking system for a new set will make zooming around corners all the more satisfying, as you can maintain a higher rate of speed for longer before slowing down. 

Investing in brake pads or giving your vehicle’s entire system an upgrade will be money worth spent. 

Improve airflow

Replacing your intake pipes with ones that are designed to maximise power will increase your vehicle’s horsepower and fuel efficiency. 

Freeing up airflow to your engine by installing a cold-air intake will make your car run better and last longer. 

Reprogram your Engine Control Unit (ECU)

Ok, so not everyone is going to want to tinker with this device. But for those that are keen, a simple reprogramming of your vehicle’s ECU will enhance gas mileage and unlock your engine’s performance potential. 

Maximising your car’s power and efficiency, the ECU works to control how the fuel and air mix in the engine. Straight out of the factory, your vehicle’s inbuilt ECU will have safety parameters in place that cap your engine’s true capability. 

If you are unsure where to begin, speak to your trusted mechanic or your dealership.

Replacing bushings

A buffer to vibrations running havoc through your car, rubber bushings are in place between the engine, chassis, suspension and frame. As you can imagine, a little piece of rubber can only take so much wear and tear before it finally cracks and becomes next to useless. 

Upgrading to polyurethane or silicone bushings will last longer than their counterparts, and you’ll feel a noticeable difference when you are driving. Road bumps are less obvious, and your vehicle’s joints are made more stable. 

Change your exhaust

Performance is really affected by how well your exhaust can get rid of air gases. Over time, an older car’s exhaust will become clogged and less efficient at releasing the gases it was designed to do. As a result, performance decreases and your wallet will soon feel lighter.  

Installing a new or performance exhaust will increase your vehicle’s power output, and sound a bit kinder to your ears. 

The other option

Not convinced by taking your turn as a mechanic? 

Good news! Upgrading your vehicle to a faster, smarter, trendier model doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost you anything to go and pick up a new set of wheels. 

Getting a car on finance not only opens up an industry’s worth of makes and models to choose from, but it can also get you a vehicle faster than doing it all on your own. Meaning, as soon as your loan is approved, you can go down to a reputable dealership the same day. 

Worried about your previous credit history? Or have none to speak of at all? Don’t let that stop you. We offer a tailored loan application that suits your lifestyle and needs. 

Upgrading your vehicle has never been so easy. With a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips and finance options on the table, what are you waiting for? 

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