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Top 5 Cars to Finance for People with Bad Credit


If you have a bad credit score, that does not mean you cannot get a new car.

You may still be able to get finance for your car because there are some lenders who might provide you with finance even if your circumstances are not ideal.

First, you will need to find a lender who is prepared to provide you with finance.

After this, you will need to consider how much you need to borrow.

If your credit score is not ideal, it is usually a good idea to choose a more affordable car.

There are lots of new cars at the lower end of the price scale that are still great options, so here are the top 5 models to get finance for if you have bad credit.

1. Dacia Sandero

dacia sandero
Image Credit: Dacia.co.uk

The Dacia Sandero is the cheapest new car to buy in the UK right now. It makes sacrifices in some areas, and you won’t find air conditioning or electric windows, but it’s still a great little car.

The slightly more expensive Dacia Logan is another option worth considering with its large boot.

2. Suzuki Celerio

suzuki celerio
Image Credit: Autocar.co.uk

The small Celerio is a great option for city driving. It’s fairly basic, but it offers a lot of room both for passengers and for luggage. It’s mainly a car for driving around town, but it’s not bad on the motorway either, and it has good visibility.

3. Hyundai i10

Image Credit: Hyundai.co.uk

The Hyundai i10 is a small car that provides excellent value. It’s even better than the more expensive models from other manufacturers, and you can get it for less than £10,000. It’s comfortable for four adults, and it’s a great little car for getting around town in, but it’s fine on the motorway too. With the cheapest model, you won’t get air conditioning, but electric windows are included.

4. Toyota Aygo

Image Credit: Autocar.co.uk

Toyota is known for its reliable cars, and the Aygo is no exception. Its Toyota’s cheapest car right now, with prices starting at just over £9,000. It’s got quite a distinctive appearance, and it comes in both three-door and five-door versions. It’s easy to use and to drive, and it’s particularly suited to driving around the town. It’s also very fuel efficient, which is important if you’re on a budget.

5. MG3

Image Credit: mg.co.uk

This is a fun car to drive, especially for a budget set of wheels, and you can find it for under £9,000. It’s a bit firm to drive, and performance is not spectacular. It also doesn’t have some basic equipment like air conditioning and Bluetooth on the entry-level trim. But it’s a great option if you’re on a budget.

Consider All of Your Options

If you have a bad credit score, this does not mean you cannot get finance for your car, but you may want to stick to a car at the lower end of the budget range.

These five cars are some of the best value models you can get for your money at the moment, so consider one of these for your next set of wheels.

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