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The Do’s and Don’ts of Van Buying


Buying a new van like any vehicle can be a tad overwhelming.

Which van will suit you the best? Is it economical? Good fuel economy? 

Arming yourself with information before you get to the dealership, or the private seller may save you in the long run. 

With the temptation to buy the first van you see, there are a few things you should look out for. Which is sometimes easier said than done.

Here we have put together some of the key factors to consider when buying a van.

Do Your Research

Finding the perfect van in a market saturated with millions of vehicles is hard work.

Even with a quick Google, the results you find vary and don’t always give you all the information you need.

Plugging into a well-known vehicle supplier will give you a wealth of vans to choose from at your fingertips. 

Specific make and model in mind? Check out the reviews on offer. You will find more honesty in a vehicle review than the latest beauty product!

Don’t Buy the First Van You See

Love at first sight may be a reality for some, but let’s face it a van isn’t necessarily your soul mate!

If you are heading to a dealership, it’s worth taking a look at their website ahead of your journey. Not only will you see what vehicles are on the forecourt, but you will also get a sense of who they are as a dealer.

Just rocking up to a dealership may cost you the best van. At the end of the day, most vehicle dealerships want to sell you something then and there. 

So, be prepared. Have a rough idea of what you are after before you make the journey.

Do Have a Budget in Mind

Knowing how much you are willing to spend should be your top priority. 

Whether you have your heart set on a shiny brand new Ford Transit or a VW Transporter, set a budget. That way, the temptation to drop an extra grand, or four, won’t even cross your mind.

Dealerships can bring with them an undesirable pressure. Having your mind already set will drive the best deal. It might be worth taking a look at other options on the day but use your judgement wisely.

Don’t Overspend

Overspending on a van may cost you more in the long run.

Buying a van on finance may quickly add up if you don’t stick to your budget. So, always take into consideration the cost of overspending. 

Have a look at Carvine’s simple financing tool to see if they can help ease your overspending burden.

Plus, you set a budget. Stick to it!

Do Have A Good Look

Fundamental to buying a van is knowing that you are purchasing a reliable vehicle.

You’ll be able to tell straight away if there are any unspoken faults either by just looking or in a test drive. Don’t be shy to have a dig around! Take a look under the mats, the bonnet, engine and the boot.

Keep an eye out for any potential paint jobs, or abnormalities to the locks, handles, and metalwork. You need to know that the van you want has not been in a crash or had any undocumented repairs.

Don’t Be Shy

Asking questions is your greatest power when buying a van. Even if you think you sound ridiculous, ask for any information you feel you need to know.

You might have spotted a dent or a scratch, or maybe a discrepancy in the mileage and the logbook. 

Or you might want to know the difference between a 2020 and a 2010 model.

Whatever happens, don’t hold back. What you think is a ridiculous question may result in the best bargain.

Don’t Play With Fire

When you are about to make a deal on a van, don’t just stand there. Don’t only accept the information you are being sold.

Closing the deal has to be in your interest, not the salesmen. After all, you’re the one hoping to drive away in the van.

Final Do…

Information is power. Arming yourself ahead of getting to the dealership will not only give you the best deal but confidence in what you are buying.

So, what van will be yours? What research will you do before you go to buy? Get ahead of the game, and come home with the best!

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