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The 10 Most Annoying Driving Habits You Should Avoid

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We’ve all seen drivers do annoying things, and sometimes we may be guilty of doing them ourselves too.

But what are the most annoying driving habits? Here are 10 to watch out for.

1. Not Indicating

Failing to indicate is incredibly annoying, and it can be dangerous for other motorists and pedestrians. Be respectful of other road users and clearly indicate when you plan to turn.

2. Tailgating

Tailgating is annoying and aggressive, and it can be dangerous too. Some drivers do it without realising it, while others do it to put pressure on drivers. If it happens to you, try to let the car pass when it is safe.

3. Undertaking

An undertaking is when you overtake on the left or when you move to the left lane to overtake someone on the motorway. While it is okay in some situations, it’s normally best avoided.

4. Overtaking Dangerously

Dangerous overtaking can be unpleasant for the driver being overtaken, and it can also put other road users at risk. Only overtake when it is safe to do so, and don’t overtake aggressively to intimidate other drivers.

5. Hogging the Middle Lane

Driving in the middle lane and never moving from it is one of the most annoying driver habits. It is not only annoying but it is also dangerous. The middle lane is for overtaking slower traffic in the left lane.

6. Parking Over Two Spaces

How many times have you been looking for a parking space only to find that one car has taken up two spaces? It’s completely unnecessary, and it means other drivers have to spend longer looking for a parking space.

7. Driving Too Fast

It’s one of the most common driving problems of all, and it leads to countless accidents. Driving too fast on the roads is dangerous to the driver and other road users. It is also aggressive and intimidating to other drivers. Stick to the speed limit, and as well as being safer, you’ll avoid speeding fines.

8. Driving Too Slow

Although driving too fast is a bigger problem, it’s also possible to drive too slowly. When traffic is moving fast, try to stick to the speed of the road. When you drive too slowly, the traffic can build up behind you and it can even be dangerous.

9. Braking Suddenly

There are occasions when you will have to apply the brakes suddenly in emergency situations. But it’s another problem when you drive fast up to the lights or a roundabout and then slam on the brakes. It also makes it more likely that someone will crash into you from behind, so pay attention to the road ahead and plan to brake slowly.

10. Honking the Horn Unnecessarily

Some drivers are obsessed with honking their horns, even when there is absolutely no need to. Save honking the horn for situations where it is genuinely useful, and don’t get into the habit of using it when there is no need.

Avoid These Annoying Habits

Some driving habits are not only annoying, but they are also dangerous. Be considerate of other road users, and try to avoid these habits and any other frustrating habits you see on the road. That way you will make the roads a more pleasant – and safer – place to be.

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