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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring

Tyres, brakes, engine, wipers, car fluids: oil, windshield solution, radiator water, brake, coolant, etc…All need to be checked and replaced if necessary. Give your car the old once-over…here’s your spring vehicle guide.

Checking your car’s vitals can be as important as checking your own. Keep your car healthy as you keep yourself healthy and it will, in turn, keep you safe and sound. In some areas of the country, you will have had to put snow or winter tyres on your car (or baby – depending on your level of attachment).

Well, spring is here (or on the way) and it is time to switch out the winter ‘slippers’ for the spring’s and summer’s lighter requirements.

Checking…the tyres

Even if you did not change your tyres, it is essential that you check the tread and tyre pressure when you move from one season to the next.

When checking your tyres, you will need to check the alignment also. If re-alignment is needed, the wear-and-tear over the winter will show. Those winter potholes wreak havoc on your tyre alignment. You will also need to rotate the tyres. If your car has been pulling you towards the kerb, that is a tell-tale sign to realign.

Tyre pressure is another thing that might need adjusting after the winter months. Make sure when this is being looked at that you haven’t been driving for miles and miles first. Best reading results from the tyres being cold.

If you did change to winter tyres, make sure you change them back to your normal tyres, as the tread will wear very quickly on your winter ones. You want to have the right grip on the road, especially when it comes to putting on the brakes.

Checking…the brakes

When it is time to hit those brakes, you want to have ease of mind that you are able to stop on a dime if required. Nobody likes to lose control, so it is crucial that your vehicle’s brakes are good to go.

Rust will kill your brakes; make sure that you and your brakes remain safe. Have your brakes cleaned of grit and grime from the wintertime roads.

If your car has been making any funny squeaks and squeals get these checked too. It didn’t make those sounds before so it shouldn’t be making them now. If your car is reacting sluggishly, have your mechanic (or your dad) check your car’s vitals thoroughly. This is a good habit to get into and keep.

Checking…the engine

This part can get tricky. There are so many moving parts to a car (like 10,000 of them) unless you have an electric car. It might be best to book your baby in for a thorough checkup with your car GP to make sure s/he is keeping healthy.

With batteries, spark plugs, fuses, myriad hoses and mega-wires, belts, gauges, and the list goes on, it might be best to leave the full body checkup to the professionals and serious car enthusiasts. But just because checking under the hood/bonnet is an intricate thing, don’t put it into the ‘too-hard basket’. Get it done.

Checking…the rest

Once your car has been given a clean bill of health for the season, don’t neglect to book her/him in for a ‘spa day’. Get your vehicle pal a good shampoo in and out. The ‘spring clean’ is also important for car maintenance and longevity of life.

The bottom line

Giving your vehicle a little love is the best way to make sure it keeps taking care of you throughout the seasons. It will love you as much as you love it. Seasonal roads have seasonal needs. Make sure you and your car are good to go for the warmer months to come.

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