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How to Negotiate When Buying a Car


Buying a car is a large investment for most people, so you want to make sure you get the best possible price. Many people choose to finance their car to avoid paying for it in one go, and there are many options if you want to do this. But however you pay for your car, you will want to get the best price for it.

When car dealers give you a price, this is not usually fixed, so you should definitely try to negotiate. But how should you go about this? Here are some tips to get you started.

Do Your Research

You need to know how much your chosen car is valued at, so carry out some research online. Find out the lowest price you can expect to get it for, and this should be your target.

Also, know exactly what you want before you start haggling to avoid getting talked into something you don’t really want when you start negotiating. It’s easy to be persuaded at the moment, so go prepared.

Look for Deals

Don’t just go to one dealer, and instead, look around at all your local dealers. Visit their websites and try to find special deals on the car that you want.

You might be able to get a great deal without having to haggle at all, or you could mention the deals you find to put some more pressure on the dealer to drop the price.

Don’t Give Anything Away

Be polite when you talk to the salesperson, but don’t give them any clues about your upper limit. Remember, they are experts at this. Start at a figure lower than what you are willing to pay, and go up from here. Hopefully, you will end up agreeing on your target price or something lower.

Be Positive and Confident

Be confident in your technique. For example, don’t ask for a discount – ask how much discount they will give you. The way you phrase it can change the whole process.

Give Them Your Number

Tell the dealer that you will sign the paperwork as soon as they can meet your price, and then simply give them your number and walk away. If it is a realistic figure, there is a chance they will call you back later.

You could also call them back and remind them about your offer. This can be particularly effective at the end of the month, or on days with bad weather when they are less likely to have made many sales.

They might be having a bad day or be keen to hit their sales target, and this could mean that your offer can provide them with an easy sale.

Keep Practicing Your Negotiating Skills

It can take a while to get the hang of negotiating, so practice. If you don’t get the price you want, try a few different places – you’ll probably get better the more you try. You will also get a good idea of whether what you are offering is reasonable or not.

So keep trying, work on your technique and you may be able to get a nice discount the next time you buy a car.

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