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Going Electric? 4 Tips to Consider


Electric Vehicles (EVs) are ingrained in our society. You can’t go far without spotting a charging bay or watch the news without an EV related announcement. Everything from real-world mileage range to the positive impacts of how lower emissions are shaping the future of the motoring industry are inescapable. 

You also must consider are all the plug-in incentives and finance options. If there are any hidden costs in the PM’s green industrial revolution

Whether you have already jumped on the EV bandwagon, or want to know how to get the most out of your EV motor, here’s our top 4 tips to get you started:

Consider mileage

Range is often the first red flag for potential EV buyers. After all, putting some miles between you and your home along the M6 and running low on battery isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. More so, when you rock up to the service station and you are greeted by a series of defunct charging points. 

Not too long ago, the most significant concerns facing new EV customers was how far you could get on a single charge. Fortunately, the innovative minds behind some of the most exciting vehicles on the block listened to your concerns. 

Today, the latest generation of EVs offer enough power to meet most drivers’ daily use and some. Mixed with the higher accessibility of at-home chargers and office ports, there is little need for most users to even bother with the public infrastructure. 

You’ll find most EVs on the market right now claim ranges in excess of 250 miles per single charge. That means less time spent charging and more time on the road. With an emphasis on more powerful batteries than ever before, there’s never been a better time to buy an EV. 

Avoid emissions taxes

Gone are the days when simply adhering to strict Euro emissions standards was enough to get you a free pass through the UKs biggest cities. Ever since the PM announced big changes in the motoring industry where purchasing a new diesel or petrol car is banned from 2030 onwards, the pressure has increased for vehicle owners to up their game too. 

What’s more, London’s world-leading Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) has been a champion success story since its debut in April 2019. The city has seen a significant reduction in harmful NO2 levels. And a positive impact on the local, vulnerable resident’s life expectancy. 

If your vehicle doesn’t meet ULEZ standards, your trip into the city will cost you at least £12.50 per day. Don’t try to be sneaky either. There are hundreds of vehicle-capture cameras dotted throughout the zone. 

You can see why the rest of the nation’s cities are mapping out their own zero-emissions landscapes! From Bristol to Edinburgh, Oxford to Birmingham. Putting a stop to high emission levels has become a top priority that most drivers can no longer avoid. 

Consider finance

Nowadays, buying a car can be as expensive as putting down a 10% mortgage on a property! That’s before you take into account road tax, insurance, and basic running and maintenance costs. Yes, the plug-in scheme takes away some of the pinches on your bank balance. But paying out more than £10K in one hit is more than most UK drivers can afford. 

That’s where financing comes in. Not only are you spreading the cost through low, affordable monthly payments, but you get the bonus perks of a warranty. Often, servicing is thrown in too. 

Even drivers with no credit history or a poor credit score can get their hands on the best finance deals on the market.

More choice, better safety features, and a whole heap of drool-worthy tech. They are more attainable when purchasing a car through finance. With the motor industry pouring so many resources into the EV market, planting your feet firmly on the EV ladder couldn’t be more achievable!

What do you want from your EV?

With any new vehicle purchase, you need to consider what you want. Whether it’s practicality and safety over performance or purely to cut costs on your daily commute, there’s a lot to take into account.  

One thing’s for sure, cars have never been safer than they are today. Every vehicle sold within the UK goes through a vigorous safety check lead by the Euro NCAP. The variety of crash tests carried out focus on the most likely impacts that drivers may face, such as front, side, pole, and pedestrian. The higher the rating, the safer your car. Simple. 

When buying an EV, you need to think about what you would typically look for in a standard combustion engine vehicle. Is there enough space? How do you feel behind the wheel? Colour, trim, height, you name it! 

Whatever EV you choose, make sure it has enough mileage range for your purposes and fits the aesthetic bill you are looking for. Then there’s the test drive. Go for it!

Are you ready to futureproof your time on the roads? Going electric doesn’t mean you have to compromise on driving experience and performance. Where will your next  EV purchase take you?