Ford F-150

Ford USA: 1948-present – 30 million sold 

You’ve got to hand it to the Ford F-Series: it does nothing by halves. As well as being the best-selling vehicle in the USA for decades, it’s also the biggest hitter in this list by a factor of more than two. Ford is justifiably proud of its pick-up range and a new one rolls off the production line every 52 seconds all year round. The F-Series line generates around $41 billion per year alone in revenue.

Truck sales in America are closely correlated to the housing and construction markets; since 1948, when the F-Series launched, the country’s population has increased from 147 million to 326 million – and they all need somewhere to live and work. F-Series vehicles sold in North America are built at factories in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Missouri.

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