Finance my car

If you have a credit rating that’s anything less than perfect, you might be worried about being eligible for car finance, or you might think your monthly repayments will be too expensive to afford (finance my car).

But having bad or non-existent credit doesn’t mean you can’t get finance. If your credit rating is average or worse, you could still be eligible for car finance with Carvine.

Our finance team will be able to find out the best rates we can get for you and talk you through your options. Alternatively, you can set your budget using our calculator and start searching our cars based on our standard finance terms.

Can I get an instant decision?

Yes, you can find out right away if you’ll be able to get credit to purchase your car. Simply click here to fill in our application which tells us whether you’re qualifying for finance and at what rate. 

Anytime you can call us on 0203 865 8653 to apply. View our Facebook page for more offers.


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