Car finance for bad credit

How to secure car finance if you have bad credit?

Missed payments or arrears? – Here at Carvine we are happy to consider finding suitable car finance to people who have missed payments or have a bad credit rating. If you have fallen behind with repayments on your current credit agreements, we would advise you ensure the repayments are up to date before you apply for car finance in order to improve your chances of being accepted for car finance with bad credit. Car finance for bad credit.

IVA’s – If you have had an IVA in the past which has been settled, then you are welcome to apply for car finance.

Bankruptcy – If your bankruptcy has been discharged, then we will be happy to process and consider your application when you apply for Car Finance.

CCJ’s – If you have an outstanding CCJ, that does not mean you are unable to get car finance as you can still apply with us and your application will be reviewed.

As with all types of loan and credit agreements, there are some risks. The finance is secured on the vehicle, so if you don’t keep up with the monthly repayments, you may be at risk of repossession. Failure to make payments can also damage your credit report.

Car finance for bad credit

Helpful advice for applying for finance if you have bad credit:

Try to make sure that all unsettled credit is going down and regular payments are being made on time.

Ensure all debts are registered in the correct name by contacting your existing creditors to check and update your details.

Make sure you are on the electoral register. If you are not currently registered, or are unsure whether you are, visit AboutMyVote for advice on how to register.

Finance lenders like to see long-term employment history, long-term record with the same bank and long-term living in one place.

Providing a deposit can help with the application so if you are able to provide one then it is advised you do so but we can help people who may not be able to use a deposit.


For more advice on bad credit and debt management services available to you why not visit the Money Advice Service for useful information.

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