Car Credit

Don’t worry if you can’t get a loan from your bank as you are not the only one. Around 60% of car loans are taken out by people who cannot get finance from the normal banking system. We use lenders who are not concerned about what has happened in your past. These lenders do not make their decisions based on your credit score, which many see as an outdated and unfair system. They will provide a loan as long as they are happy that you can meet your affordable monthly payments.

Not Sure If You Qualify For Car Credit?

Our online car finance facility has been specifically designed to help customers who may have had a poor credit history, find a car that fits within their monthly budget.

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 We have a panel of specialist lenders who help van drivers who may have CCJ’s or defaults. You may of course need to prove your income however we may be able to get an auto-acceptance on your van finance which means that you don’t need to provide any information. We do not need a guarantor or joint applicant who has good credit rating.

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