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Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know + [Infographic]

Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know

Fancy yourself a DIY mechanic? Haven’t got the cash to take your car to the body shop? 

Fortunately, there are some basic car repairs that you can do to turn your vehicle into a well-oiled machine.

With MOTs legally required at least once a year, it pays to know how to keep your motor running.

Save yourself time, energy and money by following our simple guide.

Oil Change, It’s What You Know

When it comes to keeping your car in check, changing the oil is the most essential. Helping your vehicle run more smoothly in the process, and keeping your car alive for longer!

Take the time to read your owner’s manual book, and look for the type and weight of the oil manufactured for your car. 

Don’t scrimp either – ignoring recommended oil, and going for what you think is right may cost you in the long run. Engine damage, poor performance and a constant “Check Engine” warning light, are not for the faint-hearted.

Tyre Got You Down?

Wheels are instrumental in keeping your car moving. Without them, we’d go nowhere! So, what can you do when you get a puncture or have a flat?

Well, quite simply, do some research first. You need to know what tyre pressure is required, what tread your tyres should have and even, where to place your jacks. 

Getting yourself a good wrench, jack and fresh tyres may be your first port of call. 

Fire Starter

Spark plugs, the tiny but mighty beast that keeps your car’s heart alive. Essential for every vehicle, and with a limited lifespan, these little babies are worth knowing about. 

When spark plugs become faulty, it’s literally because their spark has gone out. Misfires, poor gas mileage, terrible acceleration, and the notorious “Check Engine” light can all make an unwanted appearance.  

So, check out a handy tutorial video and find out what makes these tiny parts so essential. More importantly, learn how to quickly and safely replace them.

Remove the Ding!

Car’s are forever victims on the road. With small particles, rocks and debris being flung at them at hundreds of miles per hour, they are going to get body damage. It’s inevitable. 

Fortunately, you can save yourself some well-earned cash by treating the scars at home. With a bit of elbow grease, some sandpaper and some wax you can say goodbye to the scratches, and hello to the shine.

Your Car’s Beating Heart

Batteries are, without a doubt, essential to your car’s ability to run. Without them, you aren’t going anywhere. You also won’t be able to see in the dark, or listen to music – so keep an eye on the warning signs.

Lights – They’re Important!

Big tip! Keeping an eye on how bright your headlights and taillights are will save you an awkward conversation with the law. 

It is illegal for your lights not to work. 

So, do yourself a favour, and check your lights regularly. It’ll save you time, effort and a hefty fine.

Windshield Wipers

Often forgotten, windshield wipers are integral to your car’s safety system. Suffice to say, if you want to be able to drive safely, and have the visibility you need to keep your windshield wipers in check.

Never Overlook Your Air Filters

Internal combustion is responsible for your car being able to drive. So, don’t forget to check your air filters! 

Air filters clean the air that goes through to your car’s engine. Your vehicle will lose its function and will stop running smoothly if you don’t keep these essential parts in mind. 

Brake Pads

Undeniably, your brakes are the most crucial safety features of your car. Forgetting to maintain your brake pads, may cost you more than just money.

So, avoid accidents by checking your brake pads regularly. You won’t regret it.

Fundamental Life Skill

The idea of jumpstarting a car may seem overwhelming. Super easy to achieve, learning how to jumpstart your vehicle will save you waiting on roadside assistance. 

Don’t overlook your skills.

Learning simple techniques not only saves you the bottom dollar, but it also gives you more flexibility with your car. Knowledge is power. 

Give your car a chance and get to grips with everything there is to know!

Basic Car Repairs Infographic

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