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We understand that despite having bad credit you still need a quality reliable car (bad credit car finance in Bournemouth) like this great AUDI A5, for example.

The all-new Audi A5 Coupe has the same distinctive silhouette with a bolder face giving it a familiar, yet new, look. Athletic, sporty and elegant, the new design goes hand in hand with sophisticated aerodynamics. As much as 60kg has been dropped from the weight of the A5 Coupe, giving it a body that’s the lightest in the competitive field. The sportiness of the Audi A5 is enhanced with a long engine hood, stretched wheelbase and short overhangs. LED rear lights and optional LED or Matrix LED headlights with dynamic turn signals are just the start of the technology featured inside and out.​

Increased dimensions inside ensure there is a generous amount of space for the driver and passengers. As expected, high quality materials feature in a wide range of colours to create a nice ambience in the cabin. Aeroacoustics have also been enhanced, so much so that the acoustic comfort is almost that of a luxury class model. 

Available with two TFSI and three TDI units, the power has been increased considerably to between 190hp and 286hp. The engines combine high efficiency with sporty power development and smooth running.The chassis is new as well, and offers comfort combined with a high level of agility giving the A5 Coupe the ability to handle narrow, winding roads as well as motorway driving. Electromechanical power steering also features and adapts according to the vehicle’s current speed, providing highly precise road feedback.

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