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9 Reasons Why Your Next Car Should Be a Hybrid


Hybrid cars are a hot topic within the motor industry at the moment. Although the sceptics are saying that they aren’t genuine replacements for petrol or diesel, they cannot deny the cost savings and environmental benefits these vehicles bring.

Have you sorted your car finance and now you are looking for an affordable vehicle that’s better for the environment? Choose a hybrid!

Better for the environment

Because hybrid cars run on combined petrol and electric engine, they don’t use as much fuel. Subsequently, less harmful exhaust gases are produced, which contributes towards a cleaner environment in towns and cities. 

Cheaper to run

Unlike petrol or diesel cars which require maintenance and servicing, hybrid vehicles don’t need much upkeep. Therefore, you can save lots of money. The energy used to charge the car is often cheaper. You may even be entitled to a tax incentive. If you’re a regular user of public transport, buying a used hybrid car may be more economical.

Help save time

Hybrid cars can be charged from home, meaning less frequent visits to the fuel station. Leave it charging overnight, and by the next morning, you can jump in and head off to work on a fully charged motor.

You can even make use of complimentary hybrid vehicle parking spaces. Hybrid car owners also enjoy either discount or total exemption from having to pay the expensive London congestion charges.

Quieter than petrol

Because hybrid cars mainly run on electricity, they make less noise when you drive in them. Ever felt agitated when hearing a loud and clanky engine while driving your petrol or diesel car? Hybrids ensure a quiet and relaxing journey for you and your passengers.

Longer lasting

Hybrid cars don’t contain many moving parts, meaning they experience less wear and tear. The vehicle requires minimal servicing and maintenance. Waste associated with buying and disposing of spare parts is also massively reduced.

Better for health

Petrol and diesel cars are well known for the toxic substances they emit. As well as being bad for the environment, these can be detrimental to humans too. They can even contribute to horrible diseases like lung cancer and respiratory problems. So, replace your old car with a hybrid to help you and your children maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fun to drive

Hybrid cars are great for those who drive for the thrill of it. They are fun and fast vehicles which respond quickly to your actions. They are packed with a whole range of technology. Many of them can perform equally as well as the leading expensive and luxury brands of traditional cars. So, go out there and have fun with your driving!

Encourage updates

To gain a hold of their portion of the market, hybrid car manufacturers are always updating their technology. As these changes happen, drivers then have the chance of upgrading their vehicle, so they have the best car possible.

Highly fashionable

Firstly, hybrid cars can be considered fashionable simply because of their eco-credentials. After all, who doesn’t want to help save the planet?

Secondly, hybrids are sometimes featured exclusively in separate Formula 1 races. What could be cooler than owning the car that your favourite racer also uses to compete?

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